Paint Correction

After the wash and decontamination is complete, we perform paint correction process for all the exterior paint surfaces of your vehicle.

Paint correction is the process of very slowly and intentionally using machine polishers to remove defects from the surface of a vehicle’s clear coat. We use a combination of specific polishes, compounds, and specialized pads to assist in the clearest result possible.

To determine the level of damage, we put the vehicle under specialized lighting and also utilize specialized multi-colored, multi-spectrum lamps that reveal any damage beyond the visible light spectrum. These special lamps/lights allow us to see the damage and deterioration of the paint not visible to the naked eye.

This is a crucial step in the process because we can detect the true state of your paint and allows us to actually see the damage that’s commonly masked by ambient and traditional lighting.

After your paint has been restored, we recommend applying ceramic coating to protect your new paint.

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